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Prisoners’ Contact with the Outside World

The report and recommendations you can link to here is the product of a collaboration between Justice for All Law Firm (JFA) and DIGNITY. It presents our case-study of prisoners’ contact with the outside world in Myanmar with a focus on the experience of prisoners and their family members and the relevant national and international legal provisions. The case-study shows what prisoners have long known: “News is more important than curry”. Contact with family, friends and society has vital importance to prisoners’ wellbeing. One of the aims of the Legacies of Detention research project is to stimulate conversations between civil society, academia, and state authorities. This collection is imagined as a conversation starter. By bringing together a series of articles and analysis we have sought to demonstrate how social science and field research can contribute to understanding the past and the unfolding present. The team’s ongoing research will continue to explore this. We hope you enjoy the read and welcome your feedback.

Report and policy recommendations:

Recommendations resulting from case-study

FINAL REPORT: Prisoners' contact with the outside world in Myanmar